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Our most frequently asked decking Questions answered

Across the country today decking has become more popular than ever before. Constructed in a wide range of styles and finishes that will expand your living area to a space you are sure to fall in love with.


Q 1. Do you have the appropriate Licensing and insurance?

Answer: Yes, the team at Melbourne Decking are fully licensed and insured. 

Remember, you are in charge. Do not be shy to ask during the quoting procedure if the installer is a licensed builder. If he/she is they will be more than happy to show you their license on the spot. This is your investment and you deserve to have someone you can trust to build your new deck properly the first time. Always avoid installers who don’t have a builders license or insurance. 


Q2. When can you start and how long will the project take?

Answer: It depends on the jobs already booked into the schedule, and we always will give you an idea of where your job sits with plenty of notice. Once we get going you will be very surprised at how quickly it all comes together.

 If the deck installer you choose is a professional they should be able to give a rough timeline when your project will be able to start and also completed. 


Q3. Will you give us a detailed professional quote?

Answer: We send detailed quotes through via email so there is no confusion, and no misconceptions as to what our quote entails.  When getting multiple quotes always ask to have you quote emailed through. This way you will not feel pressured and regret making a wrong decision on the spot. You will then be able to compare your quotes in your own relaxed time.


Q4. What decking material should I choose composite or timber?

Answer: Ultimately the choice is yours, as both have their benefits and it often comes down to personal taste. A timber deck will be a cheaper investment to begin with, however due to the ongoing maintenance of timber the difference in cost will even out over the years.


Q5. How much will my deck cost?

Answer: Every deck is different so the cost will vary depending on your budget and requirements

. Size and height of your deck

. Choice of timber or composite decking

. Staircase or steps if required.

. Will you need handrail and if so what type?

. Will you require screening?

. Other extras such as built in planter boxes, seats and lighting

We pride ourselves on building the best structure for the space


Q6. What is the warranty on composite decking boards?

Answer: There are a lot of different composite decking boards on the market these days. An entry level lesser quality composite board may or may not have any legitimate warranty at all. We would recommend not using these boards. While a well-known Brand with a proven track record will come with a warranty up to 25 years and are usually made from 95% recycled material. At Melbourne decking we have tested many brands and have narrowed it down to just a few brands that we now endorse.


Q7. What warranty can I expect for the construction of my new deck? 

Answer: Using a license builder to construct your deck you should receive a seven year warranty for the structure. If you choose someone to install your deck without a builders license or insurance you will not be covered if anything goes wrong as we have sadly witnessed many times before. It’s really not worth the risk.

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