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Melbourne Decking is where you’ll find a team that can help you create the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. All across Melbourne, we’ve helped homeowners like yourself build beautiful decked areas to enjoy all year round.

There’s nothing quite like having the freedom to enjoy an outdoor space that you’ve created for yourself. A deck or pergola built by us at Melbourne Decking is the perfect way to make the most of the spaces around your home – and create opportunities to relax and entertain to your heart’s content.

Your Choice of Composite or Hardwood Merbau

We specialise in building decks and pergolas with both sustainably sourced hardwood Merbau and alternative composite materials. Each has their strengths, and our deck building professionals can talk you through the best fit for your deck or pergola. Whether you’re after a poolside deck that can stand up to continued moisture exposure, or the tactile feeling of a hardwood deck underfoot – we’re the team to help you get it done.

Pergolas and Decking – Built in Lysterfield

We’re proud of what we’ve made possible for homeowners and families all across Melbourne – and that means Lysterfield too! To get a look at our work, head over to our gallery of before and after shots. There you’ll see what we mean when we say we can transform your outdoor areas.

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